Bite, taste, eat, devour
Devour - to eat up greedily or ravenously, to use up or destroy as if by eating, to prey upon, to enjoy avidly

Devour explores the language around body, femininity, and consumption. Through colorful portraits and tactile soft sculptures, viewers are invited into this feast of the senses. This collection of work contrasts the abject reality of the body in visceral or absurd soft sculptures against stylized portraits that evoke digital aesthetics and reference our digital language around sexuality and the body. Each painting hides a surprise in the form of an Augmented Reality experience, scan the QR and transport yourself into the bizarre world of Devour.
This installation featured a collaboration with Chef Lindsay Anton who developed special menu items that were enjoyed alongside the works. 

Thank you to
Chef Lindsay Anton
MOTO Delicatessen & Bodega
Curated by Allyson Darakjian
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